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What Is the Sciton HALO Fractional Laser?

Sciton's HALO is the first "hybrid fractional laser" making it the most advanced treatment combining two lasers in one. Effectively treating sun damage, pigment, texture, fine lines, and pores. Giving your skin a even luminous glow, famously called the "HALO Glow".  It is our favorite skin treatment at Happy Clinic Denver because it gives amazing results with minimum downtime (approximately 3 days).

How Is The Sciton HALO Different From Other Ablative Laser Treatments at Happy Clinic Denver?

Other ablative laser treatments such as fractionated CO2 and traditional Sciton Profractional use a stamping technique to cover the face, whereas the Sciton HALO uses a random pattern which prevents possible striping from overlapping during treatments. What you get is a much more uniform pattern looking more like a suntan than the traditional square stamping pattern.