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Try MiraDry®

No Sweat, No Stress

Tired of excessive sweating? MiraDry® safely removes underarm sweat and odor glands.

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MiraDry® Reviews

“For someone who used to sweat just sitting on the couch watching TV and who wore mostly black and baggy sweaters, [miraDry] is truly a miracle.”

— Realself Community Member, CA

“Can you wear a gray shirt when it's 82 degrees out? I CAN! I can't explain the freedom miraDry has given me!”

— Realself Community Member, CA

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Happy Clinic® MiraDry®

For Happy Clinic® MiraDry®

What is MiraDry?

MiraDry is the only non-surgical, FDA cleared aesthetic treatment that safely removes underarm sweat and odor glands. It's a quick in-office procedure that provides a permanent solution for underarm sweat, offered at our Denver location. 


What is the MiraDry procedure like? 

The majority of patients that go through the procedure experience very little pain and minimal down time.  Patients are first treated with a local anesthetic to the underarm area prior to their treatment. There are no incisions or cuts. Treatments are customized to each underarm with multiple placements of the MiraDry hand piece. The procedure lasts approximately 2 hours long.

How does the MiraDry procedure work?


MiraDry's proprietary microwave technology is the ideal wavelength for eliminating sweat and odor glands in the underarm.  It non-invasively targets the area where the sweat glands reside and safely destroys them while simultaneously cooling your skin for added comfort. 

How many MiraDry treatments will I need?

On average for hyperhidrosis patients, after two treatments, you can typically see an 82% reduction in underarm sweat and odor. Many patients are very happy with just one MiraDry treatment. However, as with any aesthetic treatment, you and your technician will determine the best protocol for your expected results.

MiraDry FAQ

Your provider may give you further instructions specific to you.

Post-procedure for MiraDry®

What results can I expect from MiraDry? 

You can expect immediate and lasting results! The amount of sweat reduction you desire should be discussed with your MiraDry Technician.  Recent clinical information confirms an average of 82% sweat reduction in most patients.  As with any aesthetic treatment results will vary by person.

Is there any recovery post MiraDry treatment?

Most patients experience minimal downtime and return to regular activity within 48 hours. The MiraDry treatment has a strong safety record.  Some localized soreness or swelling will occur.  Some patients have short-term altered sensation in the skin of their underarms or upper arms, which gradually disappears.

How much do MiraDry Treatments Cost at Happy Clinic Denver?

A single treatment of MiraDry® costs $2200 and a package of two treatments costs $4000.

No need to put up with excessive sweat and odor. It starts with a consultation.

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